Do you want to sell scrap gold in South Dakota? We list gold buyers, scrap gold buyers, silver buyers, coin dealers, jewelry stores and pawn shops in the USA where you can sell scrap gold and silver in South Dakota. We also show current gold and silver prices. We offer a few of the best gold and silver selling tips that may help you get the best prices when you sell  scrap gold in South Dakota.  Our list of jewellers and gold buyers you can sell scrap gold and silver to in South Dakota is sure to help you get the best prices when you sell scrap gold in South Dakota. You can sell all types gold, silver and platinum items from Gold jewelry to coins and silver tea sets and cutlery.

Best places to Sell Gold Jewelry in South Dakota? 

You can sell gold in South Dakota as well as silver, jewelry, coins, watches, silver cutlery and tea sets and much more for top prices throughout South Dakota. Most jewellers buy scrap gold from the general public in South Dakota and there are many other gold buying companies that have appeared across the state in recent years. Buy sell shops also allow you to sell scrap gold and silver to them in South Dakota. The best way to determine the company you sell your gold to is by calling them to ask the exact prices per gram they are offering on the day, this way you can compare the prices being offered by as many gold buyers in South Dakota as possible.

Where to sell your gold in South Dakota, silver or precious metals in South Dakota? Which Gold Buyer?  Check our scrap gold & silver buyers list below. Their should be No hidden charges or fees for refining gold and silver and all items should be checked and weighed right in front of you when you call in to the jeweller or gold buyers in South Dakota. Obviously places you can sell gold to do not pay gold price for metal wires, springs and fillers, watch movements, glass etc. Most do buy foreign & unhallmarked Gold both of which may require testing. Most gold buyers in South Dakota will test such items for free although some may charge a small fee for doing so. People who want to sell gold in South Dakota should not find it hard to get top prices for it, with our help you will be able to sell gold and silver for a top price in South Dakota and all other US States.

Sell Scrap Gold Best Prices in South Dakota

When you sell your gold or scrap gold in South Dakota to any gold buyer, you want the best or highest  cash price per gram or per ounce. South Dakota's leading gold buyers will offer a straight honest service and be pay top trade prices when you sell your gold, including scrap gold & un-hallmarked items. You can sell all items of gold and silver in South Dakota including all carats such as 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k and 24k. It's probably worth taking note that you will be required by law to show full identification to the jeweller or gold buyer who you choose to sell your scrap gold to in South Dakota.


Pawn Shop

329 S Minnesota Ave 

Sioux Falls, SD 57104 

(605) 335-8271

Coin Shop

3818 S Western Ave 

Sioux Falls, SD 57105 

(605) 334-8813

Pawn America

3514 W 41st St 

Sioux Falls, SD 57106 

(605) 362-1517

Nasser's Jewelry & Antiques

1502 W 10th St 

Sioux Falls, SD 57104 

(605) 334-3051

Coins & Collectibles

1330 W Empire Mall 

Sioux Falls, SD 57106 

(605) 361-0005

Ama Antiques & Coins

125 W Apple St 

Tea, SD 57064 

(605) 321-9195

Liberty Pawn Coins & Antiques

224 W Main St 

Pipestone, MN 56164 

(507) 825-4404

Pioneer Coins & Collectibles

408 4th St 

Sergeant Bluff, IA 51054 

(712) 943-3005

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Selling Scrap Gold South Dakota If you want to sell scrap gold in South Dakota be sure to check out our list of scrap gold buyers in your state, click the link to the area you live in above to view a list of places you can sell scrap gold in South Dakota.